Car Hire Weeze

Weeze Airport can be found seventy kilometres from Düsseldorf. Some other well known locations nearby include the Dutch city of Arnhem which is sixty kilometres away and Nijmegen. Weeze itself is situated in the region of the Lower Rhine. It is a small town with just over ten thousand residents.

The airport is around five kilometres from Weeze Town. The official name of Weeze Airport is Niederrhein Airport. Ryanair have made Weeze one of their hub airports which has contributed substantially to passengers numbers at the airport. There was much discussion over the naming of the airport in recent years with Ryanair in particular keen to see Dusseldorf added to its name however this was deemed misleading so has not happened……yet.

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Weeze lies very close to the Dutch border meaning it is used by Dutch passengers as much as German. Buses are available to Dusseldorf which cost less than ten euro one way.

You may wish to make use of our cheap car hire Weeze Airport service which finds rental cars from all the major local suppliers and compares prices meaning an easy choice. Hiring a car at Weeze Airport is a nice reasonably priced option which is well worth considering if you intend on traveling around Germany. It should take around eighty minutes to get to Dusseldorf from Weeze.

There were over one and a half million passengers at Weeze Airport last year which represented an incredible eighty percent increase on the previous year. Ryanair offer flights to Weeze from several locations including Dublin, Shannon, Skavsta, Manchester, Torp, Edinburgh, Gothenburg and more. There are also flights offered by Hamburg International, Pegasus Airlines, Sky Airlines, SunExpress, Transavia, Wizz Air and Welcome Air. Please check out each airlines website for more details.