Car Hire Vilnius Airport

See the sights of Vilnius and Lithuania with a car rental Vilnius Airport service. Vilnius Airport first opened its doors in 1944 and is situated six kilometres from the city.

Vilnius also known as Wilno and Vilna is the biggest town and capital of Lithuania with a population of roughly half a million. It’s one of the most visited destinations in Eastern Europe and a favorite town of mine. It’s was the European Capital Of Culture in 2009 together with Linz in Austria. It is a beautiful city and in 1994 the Old Town of Vilnius was incorporated in the Untied Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List.

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Vilnius is more than just an attractive city with unique architecture. You can go to Wino anytime throughout the year and there is going to be some kind of event going on. There will be some type of cultural, music, cinema, theater, art or fashion occasion likely going on. Vilnius has plenty of methods to entertain with many bars, cafes and night clubs with different types to suit the requirements of anybody. You will find lots of nightclubs within the Old Town such as Woo, Gravity, Pacha and Helios. The most well-liked local beer is Svyturys lighthouse and it’s a world champion beer, It’s provided in a lot of different styles while Ekstra is also very popular. Then there is also Lithuanian vodka which can be of excellent quality.

A single thing I highly recommend you do is visit Grutos Park which can be recognized to locals as “Stalin World”. It was opened by a Lithuanian canned mushroom entrepreneur and is also really an unique encounter. The proprietor drained a local marsh and put inside a walk way. As you walk around you will see large concrete statues of Lenin, Engels and many other communist idealists which had been torn down when the Iron Curtain fell and purchased by the park. As you walk close to you’ll hear communist propaganda blasted at you from mock research towers. It a mad place that puts life into perspective and also you realize how fortunate we are to reside in a free world. Stalin World is roughly forty kilometres outside of Vilnius and there’s a bus that takes you there.