Car Hire Maastricht Airport

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The Netherlands features some of Europe’s loveliest cities and a one of them is Maastricht. The city’s name really refers to the region where its situated — on the River Meuse which means Maas in Dutch located in the southeastern section of the Netherlands at the foot of Mount St. Peter. The Romans during the time of Augustus Caesar built a bridge right here known in Latin as Trajectum Ad Mosam or Mosae Trajectum.

Maastricht came to be recognized by its name way back in Fifty B.C. but was regarded a part of the Netherlands only in the early part of the nineteenth century right after the so-called Napoleonic era. It was the first municipality to have had Medieval city rights and the very first Roman settlement in the Netherlands to have the potential of becoming a town. The town also played a key role in Europe’s unification in 1991. Whilst The Netherlands was chairman of the European Council at that time, it was right here where the EC’s summit conferences took place resulting in the Maastricht Treaty. This treaty led to the integration of Europe’s political, economic and monetary systems.

Today, Maastricht covering an region almost six thousand hectares an has a population of around one hundred and twenty thousand. Its major economy is derived from commerce, services and industry such as the manufacture of glass, cement and paper. Among the very best merchants with a major presence in the city are Hewlett-Packard, DaimlerChrysler, Vodafone and Pie Medical Imaging B.V. Visitors in Maastricht won’t be disappointed with the city as they will find numerous attractions they can explore. Within the city’s centre alone are numerous historical landmarks such as buildings and  monuments which are protected by law. In fact, the entire center is considered a “protected area” owing to its heritage value. These historic structures are always maintained in that caretakers make certain to keep the original atmosphere of the area even after renovation work has taken place.

Getting to Maastricht is very easy, the city being accessible either by car, bus, rail or airplane. The airport here has the latest facilities and accommodates daily flights to London and Amsterdam. Various festivals could be enjoyed within the city each year. These include the KunstTour and the Preuvenemint culinary show each August, the Carnival and also the Winterland.

Obviously, there are lots of must-see tourist attractions in this town that staying only a few days won’t be sufficient to discover. To learn about the history of Limburg, the Natuurhistorisch Museum is the location to go as it displays artifacts about the province’s geology, paleontology as well as flora and fauna. For art history, the Bonnefanten Museum of Art is recommended