Car Hire Lille Airport

Located at the exit of the main arrivals hall you will discover 4 car rental Lille Airport desks.  The airport is located around 20 kilometres to the south of Lille town centre. It could be found within the middle of a network of motorways which makes driving there really easy.

It should take around 15 minutes to get from the airport terminal to the town. You will find 3 terminals. The passenger terminal is capable of handling as much as 2 million people per year.

It had been first used in 1996. It had been built so it could be expanded to hold an extra million passengers if required within the future. Passenger numbers in 2007 reached more than 1 million. The 2nd terminal is really a freight critical which has more than 13,000 metres of warehouse space and 3,000 metres of workplace room.

The 3rd terminal is used for General and Business Aviation. There is a shuttle bus operated by Navette which costs 5 euro one way and 8 euro return to get into Lille. There’s also the option of obtaining a taxi at the air port.

Lille experienced its early beginnings in 1030 as a small city surrounding the castle of Buc. It suffered hostilities throughout the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries having been destroyed, rebuilt, besieged and retaken. By the end of the fourteenth century the city came under the jurisdiction of the Duke of Burgundy and prospered till 1667 when it was besieged by France in war with Spain. Additional reversals occurred in the 20th century but now it is a peaceful and prosperous city.

Minibus tours from the town leave outside the tourist office on the hour. The Palais des Beaux Arts is just a brief walk away. It is close to the station of that name, and is considered the second most important Fine Arts Museum in France, after the Louvre. Its a 19th century building with extensive galleries containing an amazing array of paintings. Artists consist of Rubens, Goya and Van Dyck amongst numerous others. A large selection of seventeenth and eighteenth century ceramics from numerous European countries is housed in the basement. An additional gallery is devoted to French sculpture..

5 airlines operate out of the airport. Ryanair offer connecting flights to Marseille, Alicante and Pisa. You will find also connecting flights to other French cities available from Air France. Those seeking an authentic French encounter for a few days will find Lille to be a good option. It is neither so large as to become impersonal nor so small as to lack facilities.

It is just 2 hours by Eurostar from London to Gare Lille Europe. The Metro station is nearby and provides a quick route round the city. It also connects to the comfortable overground tram service. The Conservatoire de Lille by Rue Colos is opposite the Palais de Justice. Recitals by the students are free of charge. The program is posted on the notice board; it might be necessary to book a ticket for well-liked occasions.  On the other part of the Palais de Justice is the Musée de l’Hospice Comtesse. It was formerly a hospital founded in 1237 by Jeanne de Constantinople. It now displays works by Flemish, Dutch and French artists.

The shopping precinct near the station has more than one hundred and forty boutiques, restaurants and snack bars, along with a supermarket, but in old Lille we found little courtyards, vaulted cellars and terrace cafes. The Flemish town houses in pink brick and white stone are home to many famous names in haute couture and fashion.