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The Airport in Brno is located about seven and a half kilometres outside of the city. There is no rail support but there’s a bus run that departs from outside the primary terminal building. The journey will take around twenty minutes towards the city. There’s also a taxi rank located outside of the main terminal. Expect a travel time of around fifteen minutes.

Everybody knows that the Czech Republic is stunning. Prague, with its castle and old town square, Kafka-esque winding streets and Bohemian flavor. But most people miss out on Brno, the second-largest city in the Czech Republic. Perhaps the pronunciation is off-putting but whatever the cause, it has ended up as the bold child of the Czech Republic. Unjustified but deemed so. So what can Brno offer??

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Brno is home to a wide variety interesting sites. The historical landmarks each have a tale to tell. There’s St. Matthew’s Church, which sports a little cherub pointing its backside towards a competitor, Petrov Cathedral. There is the Capuchin Monastery, which houses preserved monks and local royalty by an air-flow system not many can explain. Within the Old Town Hall, you are able to discover the Wheel of Legend or the Brno mascot- a large crocodile. All of these are within easy walking distance. Seasonally, Brno has the Cabbage Market within the summer where you are able to discover fresh fruit and vegetables. The Mendel Gardens, honoring the famed geneticist, are in full bloom not far from the center.

Within the autumn there’s a wine festival, and you can discover peddlers selling cups of the specialty. Or take a walk close to the reservoir, when the leaves are changing. The Christmas bazaar is filled with present booths, typical Czech food, and also the ‘Luck Bell,’ which you are able to ring to guarantee goodness for the next year. Springtime brings romantic kissing under cherry blossoms and Easter Monday, an old Slavic tradition. There’s a night-life in Brno, but most you won’t discover in any guide books. There’s a local weekly schedule known as Metropolis that lists clubs, pubs, museums, performances of the opera and orchestra and also the films playing. It’s in Czech, but the locations and times are easy to translate to a map of the city. If you get lost, you are able to generally ask somebody.

They’ll be shy about speaking in English/German/French, they do try to be helpful. Public transport is easily accessed and well-organized- which takes away a lot of the stress of getting about. If you’re stumped for a new place to visit in Europe, without having an international atmosphere, Brno might be the location for you.