Car Hire Avignon Airport

Situated in the terminal are 4 car rental Avignon Airport companies. They are within the main terminal towards the baggage region.  Avignon is really a stunning region to explore by road so hiring a car is a good option. The airport in Avignon is located ten km’s form Avignon Town. Its located within the South east of France and is renowned for being the home of many popes during the 14th and 15th century. The international airport itself is very small with fundamental dining facilities along with a little shop. The two primary airlines in the air port are Flybe who operate routes to Southampton and Exeter and who fly to Leeds Bradford.

Other transport choices consist of taxis. A fare into Avignon will cost about 20 euro with a journey time of 10 mins. There are no train or bus providers in the airport. The Avignon Festival is held every yr and is really a major highlight of the local calendar. It began way back in 1947 and consists of various forms of theatre and dance as well as films and music. Crowds arrive in their droves to the event with on average over 100,000 people attending each and every yr. The festival actions can be split in two with the more conservative entertainment happening inside the Palace of the Popes and much more freestyle events happening around other parts of Avignon. As you can imagine, there’s a lot to see and do within the Provence area.

And if you want to get a real feel of the area, hiring a car in Avignon is a good bet. Driving in France is on the right and when you are within the Provence region it might be a good idea to obtain a vehicle having a GPS program or bring your own if you have one. Most signs are going to be in French and also the nation highways can be a bit of a maze at times. Particularly when the signs give distances in time rather than kilometres. The motorways nevertheless are very extensive as France has more than nine thousand km of motorways that can be toll free of charge or with tolls – you will see the distinction easily due to toll highways being signed as – Autoroutes à péage. You could make your way around the country avoiding tolls, but sometimes it’s really worth the expense to conserve time and its much less tiring as well. Just remember that every commune is accountable for its own roads so it’s entirely feasible that you’re driving on the finest quality highways one minute then whenever you move towards the next commune you are driving on poor ill kept roads.

It is also worth noting that fuel is more expensive on the motorway which means you ought to probably fill up when you’re stopping off at a town or village, particularly at the large supermarket chains that provide a sizable reduction. The city hall and theatre constructed within the nineteenth century are the primary architectural attractions, which dominate the square, but it is the restaurants and Cafés shaded by higher plane trees, which are a perfect place to relax and socialize. During the summer time the artists and actors of the Festival bring the square to life till late at night. On Bastille Day – July 14th, the square becomes the centre of the celebrations. The annual Avignon arts festival comprises of theatre, dance, music, cinema and the arts. 

Avignon is a beautiful town with lots to see. Its many windy cobbled streets are full of shops and cafés and have numerous examples of wonderful medieval architecture. Do not miss Teinturiers Street, which runs along a branch of the Sorgue River. It powered numerous paddle wheels, some that are still there today. Whilst wandering around the historic town, don’t neglect to look up and see the painted windows on walls with famous historical characters in them.